Web 2.0 Roundup: US Embassy London

This one from the recent OIG report on US Embassy London:

“PAS [Public Affairs Section] is now “tweeting,” but is not yet utilizing Facebook. A first effort at a Facebook page was taken down while its use and content are being reevaluated. These new media, especially the social networks, work best when they can be personalized. While ELOs might have the right skill set to do so, they have not been keen to take on the additional workload without adjustments to their regular responsibilities. In addition, both the front office and the Department have concerns regarding the control of the message in these new media products. The Department recently issued a telegram raising the complicated issue of using and managing social media for public diplomacy. Balancing the desire to control the message against the speed at which content changes on these networks is difficult. Some proponents of social networking fear that tilting the balance too much in favor of control will render its use too sluggish.”

US Embassy London has gone back to Facebook and is also on Flickr & Twitter. It is running five Blogs:

In addition, the mission has Podcasts & Multimedia, WebTV (video-casts, no update since 2008) and a YouTube channel.