The Promotion Season Needs a Poem …

Four Seasons - Longbridge RoadImage by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

… because this is a tricky season. Not everyone will get a promotion. The folks who get it will spend the next couple of days responding to congratulatory emails and phone calls from their friends spread across the globe. Folks who do not get it, spend the next couple of days writing congratulatory emails to their colleagues spread across the globe who just got promoted. Happy, glad, sad, bad … all in one season. Others may feel worse than bad about being skipped over and spouses had to bear watching their partners feel worse than bad about not getting that promotion …it is a happy-sad season …here is the poem I’ve been wrestling with for weeks… if only I had Billy Collin’s craft…

Promotion Season

Here now comes the promotion season
Pretty much like the flu season
It comes bearing aches, once every year
It comes bearing chills and headaches

Still –

It’s a season you warmly embrace
Each year, and you don’t mind at all
The heavy chills and body aches
As long as it gets you on that list

Unlike the flu season there are no
Shots, no vaccine or codeine to help
Get rid of that bothersome pain, a pain
That is worth all if you get on that list

But –

If you do not, well –just remember
You cannot get it from sneezing
Or from kissing and getting depress
About it won’t make it any easier

Yes –

As A-100 mates embrace the season
And all you get are the sniffles
Why, bear the discomfort within reason
For each season holds a mission –

Like the flu season, this one won’t
Hang around like pigeons, but same time
Next year a brand new season returns
Once more like a born-again inspiration