US Navy Joins Hogan Search in Curacao

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US diplomat James Hogan has been missing in Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles since September 25. The State Department confirms that the Royal Dutch Navy and the US Navy are assisting in the search:

QUESTION: Can you talk about the U.S. diplomat that’s missing in Curacao?

MR. KELLY: Yeah. Vice Consul James Hogan left his residence late last Thursday, on Thursday night and, unfortunately, hasn’t been heard from since. And I believe his wife reported his disappearance on Friday. And since then, the Embassy and Diplomatic Security has been working closely with the authorities in Curacao to locate Mr. Hogan.

QUESTION: Do they think it’s something related to foul play or —


QUESTION: — have absolutely no leads, no idea?

MR. KELLY: No. Well, unfortunately not, not that I’m aware of. It’s a – of course, we’re extremely concerned, as is his family, that we have no —

QUESTION: Can you confirm the Dutch Royal Navy —

MR. KELLY: — information.

QUESTION: — and the U.S. Navy are assisting in the search?

MR. KELLY: No, I can’t. Yes, I can. (Laughter.) Yes, the Dutch Royal Navy is assisting in the search.

QUESTION: And the U.S. Navy, apparently?

MR. KELLY: Yes, and the U.S. Navy.

James Hogan reportedly arrived in Curacao last summer for a 2-year assignment. He was the Consulate’s Pol/Econ/Con officer until his disappearance a week ago. An officer recently arrived in Bogota had been ordered to fly to Curacao to run the consular shop in the island temporarily.