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US Diplomat Missing in Curacao

A Lesson in “Good News” Reporting

Ambassador Hill is a “Bad Choice” — the 36th Edition…

Fortress Embassies: A Tanka or Two

WALES: State Dept’s New $35M Payroll Contract

Bradley v. Vance: The Yesterday You Worried About …

Officially In: Michael C. Polt to Tallinn

Reviewing Diplomatic Readiness

TED@State: Hans Rosling Bursts Myths

That Did Not Work Out Very Well, Did It?

Officially In: Mary Warlick to Serbia

Officially In: Robert R. King to G/SENK

Officially In: Daniel W. Yohannes to MCC

Officially In: Appointments to UNGA

US Emb Moscow Complains About Russian Sex Video

Language Training as a “Net Minus”

Post-Deployment Screenings Recommended

Confirmed: Ambassadors to Canada, Poland, Norway &…

Bradley v. Vance: Revisiting Mandatory Age Retirement…

Snapshot: US Foreign Assistance

A Fall Re-Run: Language Shortfalls at the State Dept…

Civilian Uplift for Afghanistan on Track?

FSO Group Seeks Changes in DSS Practices

The Long Foreign Service Hangover

AFSA Reminds Employees of Weingarten Rights

Colton v. Clinton: Expeditionary Diplomat Booted O…

Quickie: Portrait of HRC’s Early Tenure at State

Video of the Week: The Snakehead

Former Iraq Security Contractors Say Firm Bought B…

AfPak Channel Launches: Covering Afghanistan

SFRC Clears Six State Dept Nominees

The Ambassador and His Gulfstream Jet

Insider Quote: There are no bad missions, just bad…

Meryl Streep launches film series at Ambassador’s …

US Embassy Bern Happy But …

Nixon on Cleaning Up That State Dept

Who’s Banning “Bad News” Reporting Cables?

State Dept Contractor Electrocuted in Iraq

Officially In: Jide Zeitlin to UN Mgt and Reform

Officially In: Frederick Barton to UN ECOSOC

Officially In: Carmen Lomellin to OAS

Quickie: Top US Rep at UN Mission Afghanistan Push…

CWC Hearings: State Dept Security Contracts

SFRC Hearings: Solomont, Feinstein, White, Fernandez…

Officially In: Jeff Bleich to Canberra

Officially In: Cynthia Stroum to Luxembourg

Officially In: Leslie Rowe to Maputo

Quickie: Hitting Bottom in Foggy Bottom

Is this Super DCM job for you?

What the Soviets Overlooked in Afghanistan

Video of the Week: Linda Eder’s If I Had My Way

Lawsuit Filed Against US Emb Kabul Contractor AGNA…

USAID Contractors Plead Guilty

New US Consulates Opening in Afghanistan

Officially In: Amb Robert Bradtke to the Minsk Group…

Measuring Success in Afghanistan

SFRC Hearings: Robert Hormats

Ambassador Hill Updates Congress on Iraq

POGO Story Gets First Capitol Hill Hearing

That Three-Legged Stool of American Foreign Policy…

Amb. Ryan Crocker writes about Iraq, Afghanistan

Video of the Week: Dan Pink on Motivation

US Embassy Kabul: POGO Story Day 4

Quickie: Chuck Hagel on the Limits of Force

US Embassy Kabul: OIG Report from 2006 Shows Up

US Embassy Kabul: Pogo Story Day 3

US Embassy Kabul: Camp Sullivan Goes Dry

US Embassy Kabul: POGO Story Day 2

US Foreign AID: Developmentally Disabled?

10 Things to Say When Dealing with Reports of Exce…

Quickie: USAID as a “check-writing agency?”

POGO writes to Secretary Clinton about US Embassy …

Mid-Level Hiring Trouble Brewing at USAID?

Quickie: Relearning Where the Alligators Are By Be…

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