US Embassy Kabul: Pogo Story Day 3

Philip J. Crowley did the Daily Press Briefing on September 3, 2009. The POGO story continues. Below is the summary of the DPB:


  • ArmorGroup investigation is ongoing; first investigator from DC has arrived in Kabul
  • Amb Eikenberry has taken aggressive action over the last day or two; has interviewed 60 individuals yesterday and today; held a town hall meeting with the American Embassy community; he believes the Embassy is being well protected
  • Secretary genuinely offended by what occurred; has directed all relevant agencies to aggressively take action; pledged to do everything necessary to keep Congress fully informed as to the findings of the investigations; additional people to be sent
  • Increasing our presence in Camp Sullivan; better situational awareness; contractor has taken steps regarding alcohol
  • The Ambassador has taken control and responsibility for what has happened there; he has directed has staff to aggressively investigate what is going on
  • Anyone who participated in the kinds of acts depicted in the pictures will not be working for DoS; it is inconsistent with our values, with the terms of the contract; anyone in a supervisory role who participated or condoned the action will be removed from their current roles; we expect that there will be changes in the management of ArmorGroup
  • DoS will look at this from top to bottom; Deputy Secretary Lew will be visiting Kabul
  • DoS is investigation allegations that USAID money is ending up with the Taliban

Full DPB is here.