Diplopundit’s Blog Index for August 2009

Where in the world did Secretary Clinton vacation?…

$75 million to run a single PRT is not excessive?

Insider Quote: Specialist and Generalist

ConGen Mumbai: Everybody Needs Love

TED@State: Paul Collier on Rebuilding a Broken Nat…

Lessons Learned Resources

Joseph T. Cox: Second Tour

You have no rank, whatsoever …

Snapshot: US Mission Nigeria

Quote: Non-Portable Rights, Once More

Insider Quote: Running of the Goats … in Kabul

US Suspends Visa Services in Honduras

Insider Quote: Returning to the Real World

What do you do with fraudulent naturalizations?

US Embassy Jakarta’s FotObama Contest Winners

Quickie: Hillary Clinton, In a New Role of Her Own…

Things to Pack When You’re Bound for Baghdad

Snapshot: State Dept’s Family Member Employment – …

Snapshot: State Department’s Family Member Employ…

US Embassy Jakarta’s “Ocean in Focus”

Western Sahara: A fight over independence

Video of the Week: Sean Gourley on the mathematics…

Quickie: Consul-at-Arms’ Manner of Substance

$4.2 million to dispute a single word

Afghan Elections Over, Now What?

Afghanistan Elections: They Both Won?

US Embassy Officials Meet Ms. Universe Contestants…

FSO Recalls Lockerbie

Crowdsourcing the Elections in Afghanistan

US Embassy Cashier Gets 72 Months for Stealing US$…

FECA Death Gratuity Goes Up to 100K

Insider Quote: More Aspiration Than Fact

Slow Day, Diplopundit’s Going Lighter

Mis/Fortunes of Wars and Rocks

Insider Quote: Dealing with Stress

Video of the Week: Janine Benyus on Biomimicry

Quickie: Funding the Afghan Taliban?

Bidding Sucks, No, Really …

Snapshot: State Dept’s Africa Bureau

Public Diplomacy: MIST has more Money than PAO

I’m GREAT; I said so in my EER!

Quickie: Hundreds of People in the Pipeline …

Oops, what happened to Robert Connan’s nomination?…

Pending Nominations Update – August 2009

US Embassy Iraq: 5 Years Later, Some Questions Answered…

Officially In: Barry White to Oslo

HRC on John Bolton: Priceless

Video of the Week: Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom…

Confirmed Nominations: August 7

R E M E M B E R – August 7, 1998

Officially In: Alan D. Solomont to Madrid

Officially In: William E. Kennard to the European …

If Trouble is Your Name, Baghdad is Waiting…

Insider Quote: The Buck Stops at the Front Office

A spouse remembers: “My God, I’m not a person!”

SFRC Hearings: David Jacobson

SFRC Clears 22 State Dept/Ambassador-Nominees

Confirmed: These 12 Ambassadors Are Going to Posts…

Special Envoy Gration Makes Splash on Sudan

From Jakarta: Happy 48th Birthday Barry!

Embassy Snapshot: “Historically-Difficult-to-Fill”…

BlogNotes: I’m Back and Feeling My Placelessness

US Embassy Rangoon: Postscript to a Tour

Officially In: Mary Jo Wills to Port Louis

Confirmed: Marshall, Powell, Gips, Irving

Diplopundit’s Blog Index for July 2009

Video of the Week: Jacqueline Novogratz on Escaping…