Insider Quote: Returning to the Real World

NYC - Battery Park City: Nelson A. Rockefeller...Image by wallyg via Flickr

“At my mandatory “PTSD” course taken right when I got back last month, they described the process that one will experience upon returning to the “real world.” Regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you come from, coming down off of a 13 month adrenaline rush – that is the constant high level stress (both work and environmental stress) – is not an easy feat. They were correct. Irritability, lack of energy, odd emotional responses, hyper alertness, lack of sleep, too much sleep, trouble reconnecting with old relationships, fatigue, restlessness, appetite shifts, stress bursts, irrational responses to loud noises, irrational responses period – are all “normal”. Okay. Good to know I am “normal.” I did ask “how long should it last?” – the response was “if it lasts longer than six months, we encourage you to seek professional help.”

by Erin
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