Slow Day, Diplopundit’s Going Lighter

Mozilla FirefoxImage via Wikipedia

I’ve been thinking about moving to a lighter background for a while but just never got around to it. Then I got an email from M.E.G. about the dark background/light text that makes the screen a bit difficult to read (she said her eyes are probably shot from reading tiny type cables, I can relate). So Diplopundit is going lighter and see how this feels.

You can still view Diplopundit in a dark background by using an addon to your Firefox browser. Blackout is a basic Firefox add-on that adds a new icon (gray bulb) to the Firefox address bar. When you click the bulb, you will get a drop-down list with seven predefined color schemes and another option to configure your own. The Blackout schemes change the dominant colors of a website, including the website’s background color, the text color and the header colors while you’re viewing it. Links and headers get different colors than text. There is also a “stay in the dark” function that enables you to automatically darken the page when you click on a link and the page loads.

To get rid of the Blackout scheme selected, simply click the reload button on your browser.

And this one, you probably know already – you can change the font size of your browser for easier viewing. On the Firefox Menu, click on View | Text Size | Increase Ctrl ++. That’s it. Let me know if you like this better, or not.

To download Blackout, see below:

Blackout 1.0, Mozilla addon for Firefox: 1.4 – 3.6a1pre