US Embassy Jakarta Runs FotObama Competition

Source: US Embassy Jakarta Facebook Page

You remember that US Ambassador to Indonesia Cameron Hume dived into a shark tank to celebrate Earth Day a few months back? The Embassy has also sponsored the “Ocean in Focus” competition. To celebrate our country’s 233rd birthday, it offered a special quiz about America, exclusively for its Facebook fans. It has also partnered with Smart FM producing “Smart Up Your Life,” a one-hour English language learning program aimed at young professionals who want to improve their English skills. The show featured music, a sharing session with local public figures (managers, employees, lecturers and others) as well as an interactive (call-in) session with listeners.

Now in time for President Obama’s 48th birthday, the embassy is running a competition for its Facebook fans creatively greeting the President on his birthday. Below is a quick rundown of the competition.

1. Snap It

Snap a photo showing you creatively wishing President Obama a “happy birthday” in time for his 48th birthday on August 4th.

2. Post It

Update your profile picture to that photo and add a caption. Then, link it by commenting on the U.S. Embassy’s Facebook Fan Page note about the “FotObama” Competition.

3. Win It

Win great prizes, like an iPod Shuffle, vouchers from Blitz Megaplex and Starbucks, Coca-Cola merchandise, and exclusive U.S. Embassy & Obama gear and memorabilia. We will also choose the best fan pictures as our Facebook profile picture.

This competition is presented by U.S. Embassy Jakarta, supported by Blitz Megaplex, Starbucks, and Coca-Cola.

Rules and Criteria:

  • This competition is exclusively for U.S. Embassy Jakarta Facebook Fans.
  • Employees if the U.S. Government and their families are not eligible for this competition.
  • Each participant may submit no more than 3 photos with the following specifications:

1. Photo should be posted to your Facebook account and set it as your profile picture.

2. Add a caption to the photo.

3. Photo should be the participant’s own work and free of any copyright other that his/her own personal copyright.

4. Photo must show you and your “happy birthday” wish to President Barack Obama in a creative way.

  • All decisions of the U.S. Embassy Facebook Team are final.
  • Prizes will be sent to the winners.
  • Limited to residents in Indonesia.


Submission will be closed on midnight WIB August 4, 2009.


§ iPod Shuffle

§ Blitz Megaplex voucher

§ Starbucks voucher

§ Coca-Cola merchandise

§ U.S. Embassy Jakarta pins & books

§ President Obama memorabilia

The US Embassy Jakarta Facebook page is one of the most active US Embassy Facebook pages around. It probably is not surprising that it also has an active community of 2,983 fans.

In a related note —

A new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted May 18 to June 16, finds signs of improvement in views of America in some predominantly Muslim countries that held overwhelmingly negative views of the United States in the Bush years. The most notable increase occurred in Indonesia, where people are well aware of Obama’s family ties to the country and where favorable ratings of the U.S. nearly doubled this year from 37% in 2008 to 63% in 2009. Read the full report including interactive graphics at