Quickie: The Leadership & Management Legacy

The most significant training innovation during the Powell era was the establishment of mandatory leadership and management training. To remedy what Secretary Powell considered to be a serious deficiency, he established a policy, still in place, that required leadership and management training as a prerequisite for all promotions after 2006. This was a monumental step for the Department. As Dawn Frick, the management coordinator at NFATC, observed, “we’re involved in a culture change – from a culture that didn’t support leadership training and development to one that values, enforces and practices sound leadership up and down through the chain.”

At that time, Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, dean of the Leadership and Management School at NFATC warned that introducing training and leadership into the Department’s culture would not inculcate without the support of employees at all levels. Apparently her insight proved correct, since in June 2008 AFSA President John Naland suggested that the next re-engineering of the personnel system should import the military’s enormously successful commitment to training and professional education.

Michelle Stefanick
Powell’s Leadership Principles- Time for State Department to Revisit
U.S. Army War College (March 30, 2009│Strategy Research Project; PDF)