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In the Loop’s Name That Flu Contest Winners

Officially In: David Killion to UNESCO

Officially In: Judith G. Garber to Riga

Officially In: William Eacho to Vienna

Insider Quote: 4th of July Go Smoothly – Makers

WH Rolls Out 5th Batch of Nominees for Ambassadors

Confirmed: Koh, Campbell, Tauscher, Rooney

Video of the Week: Robert Full and the Gecko

New FS Blog: The Consuls’ Files

Insider Quote: Next DG on Diplomacy 3.0

Quickie: Overseas Pay Gap: Gone, Gone, Gone …

SFRC Hearings: Maria Otero, Philip Verveer

Getting to know Afghanistan …

HRC: Up and about with an elbow cast …

Officially In: Kenneth E. Gross, Jr. to Dushanbe

Officially In: Teddy B. Taylor to Port Moresby and the Islands …

Officially In: Jerry P. Lanier to Kampala

SFRC Hearings: Capricia Marshall, Daniel Rooney

Owlers: “Particularly Qualified” Letters Sent to Diplomats

Officially In: James B. Foley to Zagreb

Officially In: John R. Bass to Tbilisi

Officially In: Ertharin Cousin to UN – FAO

Officially In: Samuel L. Kaplan to Rabat

Officially In: Matthew Barzun to Stockholm

DoS Nominees: More Senate Holds and Jams?

H.R. 2346: Overseas Comparability Pay, Almost Here

WH Rolls Out 4th Batch of Nominees for Ambassadors

Confirmed: Jenkins, Goosby, Schwartz, and Shapiro

Video of the Week: Hans Rosling on HIV

Blog Notice

2009 AFSA Elections: End Words and Such

H.R. 2410: Towards a Modern and Expeditionary Foreign Service

H.R. 2410: Obama Administration Supports Bill But …

H.R. 2410: A New Multilateral Diplomacy Cone?

Foreign Service Same-Sex Domestic Partners Get Benefits

Human Trafficking Right in a US Neighborhood

POTUS: Toward Achieving Equality on Federal Benefits

SFRC Clears Several More Nominations

Drilling Down the 2009 AFSA Election Results

Remembering John Stewart Service

H.R. 2410: Lessons Learned Center, Coming Soon?

SFRC Hearings: Nancy Powell, Christopher Dell, Patricia Butenis

H.R. 2410: Public Diplomacy Takes Center Stage

H.R. 2410: Little Devils in the Details

Quickie: People Power in Tehran?

Huh News? 2009 AFSA Election is Over

Video of the Week: James Nachtwey’s War Photos

Officially In: Don Beyer to Bern and Lichtenstein

Officially In: Vinai Thummalapally to Belmopan

Officially In: Howard W. Gutman to Brussels

Officially In: Mark Gitenstein to Bucharest

Officially In: Alfonso E. Lenhardt to Dar es Salaam

Officially In: Pamela Slutz to Bujumbura

Officially In: Gordon Gray to Tunis

Officially In: Richard J. Schmierer to Muscat

Officially In: Martha L. Campbell to Majuro

Officially In: John R. Nay to Paramaribo

Security Contracts at US Embassy Kabul

WH Rolls Out More Nominees for Ambassadors …

H.R. 2410 Foreign Relations Authorization Act Passes House

Diplomatic Spouse Employment: A Drip in a Large Tin Roof

AFSA Election Fireworks Coming Soon?

Quickie: Ambassador Hill Talks to the WSJ

AFSA Election Engagement Needs a Makeover

SFRC Hearings: Kurt M. Campbell

Insider Quote: Embassy Wives & Tea Parties

Alleged Cuban Spies Fall for a Cigar

18 Months for Theft of More Than $800,000

Insider Quote: Big Language Hullabaloo Not New

SFRC Hearings: Ellen O. Tauscher, Eric P. Goosby

Deputy Ambassador Ricciardone Chats Online After Cairo Speech

The State Department’s FRUS Fracas Concludes

Insider Quote: History is Pretty Darn Important

Video of the Week:Seth Godin on Leading Tribes

Officially In: Ambassador Anne E. Derse to Vilnius

Officially In: Kenneth H. Merten to Port-Au-Prince

Officially In: Ambassador Patricia Moller to Conakry

Officially In: Donald Gips to Pretoria

Officially In: Nicole A. Avant to the Bahamas

Officially In: Brig. General James B. Smith to Riyadh

Officially In: David Jacobson to Ottawa

Officially In: Carlos Pascual to Mexico City

The State Department’s Digital Diplomacy Footprint

Message for Ambassador A.

President Obama in Cairo: Video and Transcript

“Operation Coffee Country” Nets Three for Smuggling and Visa Fraud

Insider Quote: On EERs and Diplomatic Wunderkinds

President Obama Live on CO.NX: Shall I link to this?

President Obama in Egypt – LIVE on CO.NX

For July 4th: you may send invites … do chit-chats

US Public Diplomacy 2.0: Strategy and Challenges

SFRC Hearings: Eric Schwartz, Andrew Shapiro

TED is coming to State! Yay!

Quote: Compromise is not treason

Confirmed: Susan Flood Burk, Special Rep of the Prez

Language Shortfalls at the State Department, Revisited

Just when you think you’re safe – – SPOUSED!

Love as “Unindicted Co-conspirator”

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