Officially In: William Eacho to Vienna

Source: State Department/OIG Photo

On June 25, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate
William Eacho to be Ambassador to the Republic of Austria. The WH released the following official bio:

William Eacho is the CEO of Carlton Capital Group, LLC, a private investment company focused on real estate and private investments primarily dealing with alternative energy and technology. Previously, he was the executive vice president of Alliant Foodservice, Inc., a $6 billion national food service distributor based in Chicago, with primary responsibility for technology and acquisition strategy. He joined Alliant after the company’s acquisition of Atlantic Food Services in Manassas, Virginia. Under Mr. Eacho’s leadership, Atlantic increased its sales tenfold. Prior to that Mr. Eacho was a founding co-chairman of UniPro Foodservice Inc., the food service distribution industry’s top procurement and marketing cooperative, with combined member sales of over $20 billion. From 1996-1997, Mr. Eacho served as chairman of ComSource, a $9 billion cooperative, until helping to negotiate a merger with its leading competitor, EMCO, to create UniPro Foodservice. Mr. Eacho serves on the boards of directors of Capital Transportation Inc., Stanley Martin Companies Inc., Systems 4 Inc. and Bialek Healthcare Environments Inc.

* * *

According to, Bill Eacho is one of President O’s bundlers who raised a minimum of $500,000 during the campaign. If confirmed, Mr. Eacho would replace David F. Girard-diCarlo, the 2000 chairman of the Bush-Cheney election campaign who was appointed US Ambassador to Austria in 2008. The last career diplomat who was appointed US Ambassador to Austria was Douglas MacArthur II who served there from 1967-1969.

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