AFSA Election Fireworks Coming Soon?

We’re hearing words that CLEAN Slate has been accused of improperly obtaining email addresses. If you watched the town hall meeting, you might note that this charge was on the statement read on Tex Harris’ behalf during that event. I’m waiting to see if there is a rebuttal for this. What are you hearing??

The AFSA town hall meeting occurred on May 8th. Votes are scheduled to be counted tomorrow, June 12. I wonder why formal complaints were not made before the Election Committee then. I saw just now NDS’ post with the letter from the Elections Committee. One wonders if these were separate complaints sent to the Committee or an organized campaign. But this late in the game?

Hmnn… could it be that we’re going to see a Norm Coleman challenge to the AFSA election results soon? Of course not! Of course not! Diplomats do not engage in fisticuffs politics, right? Right?

You would not expect the Oxford top poet post to spur an infighting either, and fight they did. Guardian columnist Zoe Williams said that “You have these two people held, as poets, to represent the highest in human sensibility, and as academics, the most advanced in maturity and sophistication, and they’re pulling each other’s pigtails,” she wrote.

So there you go, human nature and all that. I hope I won’t see this on Monday; imagine a post from the future that says — “You have these two groups of people held as the exemplars of this nation, and as diplomats, possessing the most advanced in maturity and sophistication, demonstrating common sense, good manners and precision of expression at all times, and they’re pulling each other’s pigtails.”

Stay tuned. We should see soon how diplomats turned politicians behaved post election.

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