Quickie: Ambassador Hill Talks to the WSJ

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Embassy website knows nothing about it

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill gave an interview to Gina Chon of The Wall Street Journal. He says:

“We try to be very active and engaged; we try to be out there. But we’re mindful that if it’s going to work, it’s going to work because it’s the Iraqis and not the Americans who are solving things. One has to keep that in mind. And what we’re seeing lately is an Iraqi process and that’s one to be encouraged and is encouraging. I want to be helpful in the process, not to be involved in the process, and make sure this seedling of democracy is really able to grow. I think this could be of truly historic proportions if Iraq can emerge from these years of transition as a democratic government. It’s very much in our interest to be engaged but not interfere.”

The article is here. The edited transcript of the interview is here. Don’t bother looking up the interview transcript in US Embassy Baghdad’s website; it’s not there. It might pleased you to know that Ambassador Hill did visit the Babylonian Ruins, although you won’t find that in the Embassy News either ‘cuz it’s in the ambo archives. The website was UPDATED: 05 Jun 2009 GMT and below is one of the non-update that still lives online:

2009 Press Release

Following are recent press releases from U.S. Embassy Baghdad, including speeches, remarks and statements by U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan C. Crocker and other U.S. Government officials.

Well obviously not recent enough. Would you please help me write a fan mail to the BaghdadPressOffice@state.gov asking them to get their act together and nudge them beyond the brick wall of the 20th century? This is ridigulous! (Caution: email address taken from embassy website, we make no promises that email address works).