Diplopundit’s Blog Index for May 2009

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Video of the Week: Presidents and Foreign Policy

Officially In: John V. Roos to Tokyo

Officially In: Timothy J. Roemer to New Delhi

Officially In: Miguel H. Díaz to the Holy See

Officially In: Louis B. Susman to London

Officially In: Charles Rivkin to Paris

Officially In: Laurie Fulton to Copenhagen

Officially In: Vilma S. Martinez to Buenos Aires

Officially In: Michael A. Battle, Sr. to the Africa…

Officially In: Robert S. Connan to Reykjavik

Officially In: Thomas Shannon to Brasilia

Officially In: Ambassador Chris Dell to Pristina

Officially In: Ambassador Pat Butenis to Colombo

Staffing Shortages/Lack of Mid-Level Officers Hinder…

White House Rolls Out First Dozen Ambassadors

It’s the Transfer Season, You’re Jobless Once More…

US Embassy Baghdad Employees Killed by IED

Richard Holbrooke with POTUS

Quickie: Top 100 Government Contractors

State Dept Nominations: End of May Round-Up

US Embassy Jakarta’s Underwater Beauty Contest

Rodearmel v. Clinton, et al: DOJ Files Motion to Dismiss…

If You Can’t Walk Your Own Dog …Get a Fish

Would you give $5.25 this Memorial Day?

Quote: Maybe diplomats are more like mice than cat…

Video of the Week: Eric Schmidt Talks to the Facebook…

Confirmed: McHale, Crowley, Benjamin & Blake

Officially In: Amb Nancy Powell to be Director Gen…

4th of July Celebration – in May?

This is how we’ve always done it…

Insider Quote: It’s good to keep busy

H.R. 2410 Clears HFAC, Sec. 333 Stricken from Bill…

The Return of Publicly Accessible American Centers…

SFRC Clears Judith McHale and Robert Blake

Civilian Surge for Afghanistan, Once More…

SFRC Clears Feltman, Crowley & Benjamin

AFSA Constructive Dissent Awards

Amb. Eikenberry’s Kunar Province Photos

H.R. 2410: Foreign Relations Authorization Act…

Jack Lew on the FY10 State Budget

Amb Eikenberry Visits Kunar Prov: Pinhead Photos…

Quickie: Kabul Green Zone Coming Up?

Wolfram|Alpha: The Web’s Brainy Engine

Insider Quote: Hard Places vs. Family

Officially In: Utah Gov Jon Huntsman to Beijing

Welcome to a brand new member of the FS family!

Video of the Week: Leading Organizational Change

Confirmed: EUR’s Philip Gordon

Insider Quote: Song for a Trailing Spouse

Tough Dance at the Podium

Ambassador Eikenberry’s First Press Con

Insider Quote: Diplomats’ War Zone Training

Grading Condi: Is this a C+ or a D ?

Tricky Job of Protocol Chief Gets Trickier?

AFSA Elections: Town Hall Video, May 8, 2009

Officially In: Capricia Marshall to Protocol (S/CP…

Wanted: AFSA 2.0

SFRC Hearings: Jeffrey Feltman, Robert Blake

Officially In: Arturo Valenzuela to the WHA…

Officially In: María Otero to “G”, Philip L. Verveer

AFSA Election Countdown is On – Vote!

SFRC Hearings: Crowley, McHale, Benjamin & Jenkins…

What’s next – a diplomatic surge for Pakistan?

Ambassador Eikenberry Arrives in Kabul

Insider Quote: On Leaving the Foreign Service

Quickie: Senior Officers and Intellectual Leadership…

Office of the Spokesman: Ian Kelly Signs On

In the Loop Name the Flu Contest

Ambassador Kenney: Under the Sea and More

State Dept & International Affairs – FY 2010 Budget…

Video of the Week: Adam Savage on Quests and …

Insider Quote: An Accepted Part of Culture

Quote: I’m actually a bad man who happens to have …

Taxes & EERs: April Pain and Suffering About Over?…

Retired Military Analysts: DOD’s IG Withdraws Report…

Confirmed: Ivo Daalder, Johnnie Carson and Luis de Baca…

US Passport Issuance: Closing the Door to Fraud?

Hi-Def Smackdown: Foreign Policy Film Festival

Diplomatic Security’s Gregory Starr Heads to the UN…

Officially In: Ellen Tauscher to “T,” Andrew Shapiro…

Quick Update on State Department Nominations – May…

Quote: Who conducted diplomacy during the war?

Condi Rice: In Her Own Words

No Longer Grandma’s Foreign Service

And You Think Twitter is New?

Senate Judiciary Hearing on US Passport Issuance

Goodbye/Hello: General/Ambassador Karl Eikenberry

Cute Alpacas for Visas and Some Corruption News

Brief as Photos: Still Gunning for 52

Video of the Week: Keynote and AFSA Memorial Plaque…

Tomas Perez: Diplomatic Courier Honored for Heroism…

Released: Country Reports on Terrorism 2008

Criminals Exploiting Swine Flu Outbreak?

May 1: Honoring Foreign Service Personnel