Amb. Eikenberry’s Kunar Province Photos

Magnifying Glass No Longer Needed

I supposed some level headed person has prevailed over somebody responsible for those pinhead sized-photos of Ambassador Eikenberry posted in Facebook and Flickr. I am happy to report that the photos of the Ambassador’s visit to Kunar Province are now viewable without the need of a magnifying glass.

Ambassador Eikenberry speaks to Provincial Council members,
district governors, and line ministers in Kunar
Photo by: US Embassy Kabul

There are now five options for downloading the photos from the US Embassy Kabul’s Flickr page — the largest still at only 717 x 476. But since I’m not in these photos and have no reason to have it printed professionally by a photography outlet, I won’t complain. I’m just happy that I can tell what I’m looking at — yes, those are Afghan pakol hats on the foreground, not flat bread.

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