Quickie: Kabul Green Zone Coming Up?

The Guardian’s Jon Boone in Kabul reported yesterday that the mayor of Kabul is pushing for diplomatic missions in the city to move into a high-security green zone. His report says that the diplomatic quarter would be built next to Kabul airport, allowing embassies to sit side by side, rather than having the buildings, seen as prime Taliban targets, scattered throughout the city.

“The mayor, Abdul Ahad Sahibi, said the area would include an international school, hospitals and other facilities that would enable diplomats to enjoy an “ordinary life” with their families – most are currently banned from bringing their partners and children with them. “If we could provide part of the city for a diplomatic district there will not be any need for road blocks and it will improve traffic flow,” the mayor said. “Diplomats would be able to move freely from one embassy to the next.” […]The plan would take this even further, with ambassadors stepping straight off their aircraft and into the green zone. According to documents drawn up by Kabul municipality in August, the entire site would cover 380 hectares (950 acres) of prime land near the airport.”

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