Wanted: AFSA 2.0

Holy mother of goat and all her crazy nephews! I see a rant coming!

Somebody sent me a link to the video of the recent AFSA election town hall meeting. The only problem is it’s a huge file – 364 MB (even You-Tube would not take more than 100 MB).

With my “fast” ADSL connection, it still takes 48 minutes to simply open and view the video (which is 1:19:02 in length). C’mon guys, you can do better than this. This is worse than trying to view those senate confirmation hearing videos.

Imagine an FSO in Ouga or one of the -stans trying to do this with a dial up! I knitted a whole thingy for the cat while waiting for this to play! You could have placed this file in a compressed zip folder and put the video file inside or converted the WMV file into a lower bit rate, and corresponding lower quality for a much smaller file.

Next time — when it comes to file size, think small.

I’m trying to see if I can compress this into a smaller file and upload the video here. Ugh! If you want to view/download this file yourself, it’s here:


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