Ambassador Kenney: Under the Sea and More

Last month, I did some quick posts on US Ambassador to Indonesia Cameron Hume with the sharks — here, here and here. I am happy to report that he is not the only one who can do “under the sea” gigs. Our ambassador to the Philippines, Kristie Kenney can also dive (this one was taken in Boracay). Helped free a green sea turtle, did a soccer drill, more…

Ambassador Kenney is a career diplomat and is the first female U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines. She is also one of our very few diplomats ambassadors who maintains an official blog (US Ambassador to Korea Kathleen Stephens is another one), and the first to have a blog hosted by; I supposed DipNote will not blogroll these official blogs, huh? Blame it on Smith-Mundt?

One thing I must say, I think she has a good ear on the ground over in those islands. When Manny Pacquiao KO Ricky Hatton at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas last week to join the short list of boxing’s quintuple champions, Ambassador Kenney’s US Embassy was quick to laud Pacquiao for ‘dedication to excellence’. The ambassador herself blogged about it in her Sports and Champions post. Anyway, check out her blog here. Not much in terms of foreign policy there but that is to be expected, I think.

Photos below are all screen captures from the US Embassy Manila website (they don’t make it easy to download or copy these photos). Hey, guys, it’s time to move to Flickr!

Ambassador Kenney in Boracay, Philippines

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Manila Bulletin: May 10, 2009, 2:07pm