Ambassador Chris Hill Gets Face Time with POTUS

White House Photo

Here’s the WH readout on the meeting: “Earlier this week, Ambassador Hill was confirmed by the Senate to serve as our Ambassador to Iraq. Ambassador Hill will head to Iraq this week, and the President wanted to speak with him before he leaves for his important new post. They discussed the current situation in Iraq and the need to make political progress.”

Folks were probably waiting for this to happen before he gets his public swearing in at Foggy Bottom with the Secretary, and then off to Iraq. We’ll see if that’s how it’ll play out this time.
One on one with VPOTUS here.

Update 4/25:
I don’t know what happened to the official swearing in, haven’t seen anything out of Foggy Bottom yesterday. But Baghdad now has Chris Hill. He arrived in Baghdad on April 24, 2009, three days after his confirmation to begin serving as America’s Ambassador to Iraq. AP reports that Ambassador Hill formally presented his credentials Friday to Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari but made no public statements.