Insider Quote: Defining the Self

“On the other hand… “Sometimes, when I see where my former colleagues have gotten to, I feel twinges of regret: if so-and-so’s a vice-president now, that means I should be … what? Sometimes I also wish I’d contributed more to the family bottom line rather than spending so much time learning how to cut vegetables into dinosaurs — but that’s a complaint of stay-at-home parents everywhere. It has forced me to define myself in terms of my experiences rather than in terms of a job. I’m not an advertising executive, but I have all of these other life experiences that add up to something better than that. It’s all in how I frame the question.”

Donna Gorman
WSJ: The Expat Life, April 10, 2009
(Donna is an FS spouse with postings in Moscow, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Beijing. You may follow her blog Email from the Embassy here.