Insider Quote: State Department, Future Perfect

“We are looking for people who have the skills needed in a country which has a very poorly functioning government, who have a sense of adventure to join the Civilian Response Corps. We’re looking for people who are able to provide oversight in areas like engineering, the people involved in the rule of law, policemen, judges, corrections officials, attorneys. We’re looking for public administrators, public health officials, for city planners, port operators, agronomists. We’re looking for people with these skills, a sense of adventure, and willing to contribute to American national security by helping countries where we have great national security interests at stake to stabilize. This is the future, I think, of the State Department – this expeditionary capacity to put people on the ground in dangerous situations where American interests are on the line.”

Reconstruction and Stabilization: Civilian Deployments to Hot Spots
April 1, 2009

by Ambassador John Herbst

Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (S/CRS)
U.S. Department of State