Gem of the Day – Morales Charges U.S. Conspiracy to Force Bolivia onto DST

Here is a blog post today from The Democracy Center on some new developments with Evo Knievel in Bolivia:

President Evo Morales, equipped with a wall clock as a prop, charged Tuesday that the U.S. Embassy in La Paz is engaged in clandestine effort to coerce Bolivia to adopt Daylight Savings Time, moving the nation’s clocks forward and backward an hour in coordination with the U.S.

To back his claim Morales released a set of intercepted e-mail messages between the Embassy and State Department officials in Washington.

Continue reading Morales Charges U.S. Conspiracy to Force Bolivia onto Daylight Savings Time. Read the full details on Morales’ charge before you read the copies of the intercepted e-mails, then come back here …

Update 4/2/09:

I hope your April Fools’ Day wasn’t too rough! I have to say that the blog post linked to above was really good, although there is also that good fortune of having a surplus of materials on this one. But two things that might tip you off on this — 1) government agencies have traditionally been behind the technological curve, so to speak, and State is no exception; it is not running on Windows Vista, thank goodness! 2) “Cousin Luis with a flash drive” is easier said than done. Really. Flash drives are ETDs, and can get you booted out as quickly as tiddledy winks!

Still – the joke does bring a couple of reminders. That quip about not writing anything that could end up on the front page of the Washington Post (add blogs) still holds true. And, Cousin Luis, well, he/she could be a Manchurian candidate for any local job for the conspiracy theorists out there. That would bring us back to cold war footing, won’t it?