An Idiot’s Guide on How to Put Your Mistress on the National Security Payroll

Jeff Stein of CQ (Foggo Saga Doesn’t Reflect Well on Much of Anybody) with more revelations on the CIA’s ex-EXDIR Dusty:

“Of the many laughable elements to the Dusty Foggo story, I have three favorites.

  1. One is that from 1993 through 2005, Foggo “completed CIA ethics training eight times, and served two years as a Deputy Ethics official,” according to the prosecutors’ sentencing memo.
  2. Another is that, at the same time he was defrauding the government with millions of dollars worth of bogus contracts, Foggo received three employee performance awards.
  3. The third is that he passed a CIA polygraph exam, in which he was grilled about all sorts of questionable behavior in his personnel dossier, from unreported dalliances with female foreign nationals — including, allegedly, a woman involved with a Russian mole — to an assault, to putting an unqualified girlfriend on the agency payroll.”

And I just have three quick thoughts on this:

  • Like Showtime’s Dexter says when asked how he deals with all the gore, “I’m good at compartmentalization.” Which probably means — one needs to carved the inside of one’s head into tiny little boxes with different passwords and lock combinations; and make sure each compartment could not talk or pass gossip to each other? Because how else do you beat the poly?
  • The next time I get to brag about my dusty performance awards and somebody gives me the “so what? look” – I have Dusty to thank for it.
  • I’m doing my pre-order at now. There will certainly be a slew of books on this from the jailhouse – the office: CIA edition, bodice rippers, thrillers, and perhaps even an action hero novel (Foggo’s lawyers attempted to “portray Foggo as a hero engaged in actions necessary to protect the public from terrorist acts.”).

    And ooooh, there may even be a few “how-to books” like – “How to Defraud the Government for Dummies,” “How to Put Your Mistress on the National Security Payroll,” “An Idiots Guide to Cloak and Dagger,” and “How to Use Graymail, Influence People, and Reduce Jail Time.”

He has exactly 37 months to work on his drafts.