Arabic 3.5: Better Than Nothing Part II

Lughati al arabic laisat kama yajib. La taqlaq! Adrusu allughah al arabia mundu shahr. Um… kaifa taqoulu kalimat “3.5 hours” bel arabia?

My Arabic is bad. Don’t worry! I’ve been learning Arabic for 1 Month. Um…. how do you say “3.5 hours” in Arabic?

See? It’s not that hard. Anyone can learn Arabic in 3.5 hours (that’s 210 minutes, by the way). And if this does not impress the bejesus out of you, just think — that’s exactly 12,600 seconds of training! Here’s how you might slip this info into a congressional hearing or media event:

We do not send out people without proper training, period. You can be assured that all our personnel going into the war zones have at least 12,600 seconds of Arabic training.

Of course, if 12,600 seconds are really not enough for you, try the 100 most used Arabic phrases to learn here (came with the video/audio below) and here, also with audio.