Diplopundit’s Blog Index for February 2009

It is not always easy to hunt down older posts in Blogger. So I am starting a monthly index of blog posts. If you can’t find the materials in the “tag cloud” in the right-most column here, you can always scroll through the monthly index of postings. I hope this is helpful.

Officially In: Chris Hill to Baghdad

Video of the Week: Special Victims (of Exclusion) Unit

Former Spokesman McCormack Moves On, To Boeing

BlogNotes: Moving to Google Feedburner

Diplomatic Bloggers: Official Blogs, Art Thou Here to Stay

Hall of Shame: Song for the Traveling Bribery Men

Insider Quote: The Leadership Gap Where?

Diplomatic Bloggers: Web 2.0 Door Opens

Insider Quote: Our old friend Negotiation

Foreign Service Overseas Pay Equity Act of 2009

Quickie: A Note on Blogging

USAID Local Employees Arrested in Zimbabwe

Officially In: Bosworth and Ross

2008 Foreign Service Nationals of the Year

Travels with Hillary

February 27: AFSA Dissent Awards Deadline

Video of the Week: What Leads to Success

What’s Going to Happen to USAID? Jack Lew?

Wanted: Patron Saint for Dissenting Diplomats

Hillary on Holbrooke’s Role in AfPak

Hillary is blogging …

Insider Quote: The Great Board Mystery Game

Weapons Accountability in Afghanistan

Military Robots: Life Imitating Sci-Fi

A Diplomatic Surge? What’s the Campaign Plan?

US Embassy Baghdad: Super Embassaurus

Video of the Week: Papergirl’s Love Poem

Hillary at the Asia Society: We Are Ready to Liste…

Remembering Our Man in Afghanistan, 1979

The FRUS Fracas, End Game is Near?

Bosworth – The New Six-Party Talks Guy?

Happy Darwin Day!

CRS Reports on WikiLeaks Now

Shock and Awe: The Zimbabwe Edition

Insider Quote: What Diplomacy Is All About

Our Inheritance: Bush’s True Legacy

“Pieces of Equipment” Out of Iraq

Richard Holbrooke: Our AfPak Man and Diplomatic H-…

Quickie: Secret Trip, No Twits Allowed

Video of the Week: Kiteflyer’s Hill

The Embassy Hired Him When He Was 12?

27,000 for PR – Who’s Driving This Thing?

One of Ours is Dead in Addis Ababa

“King of Kings” Threw a Tantrum

In Zimbabwe, Darkly

HRC’s Swearing-in Ceremony at Foggy Bottom

Hard Lessons: USAID, Pushed to the Limit

Quickie: AFSA Opinion Poll Results

That “Reply-To-All” Crisis: Could Have Been Worse

Commission on Wartime Contracting Holds First Hear…

Dragging Foggy Bottom to Court

Insider Quote: Fixated on Iraq

Quickie: A New Ambassador to Kabul?

Video of the Week: Jamais Cascio on Building a Bet…