One of Ours is Dead in Addis Ababa

About an hour ago, Reuters and AP reported that one of our diplomats has been found dead in his home in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

AP quotes U.S. Embassy spokesman Michael McClellan as saying that the body was found over the weekend and that the police is investigating. The State Department has not officially released details of the death.

Reports have identified the deceased as Brian Adkins, a George Washington alumnus serving his first tour in the Foreign Service. Adkins, who would have turned 26 on Feb. 2, completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies at GW, graduating summa cum laude as an international affairs major from the Elliott School of International Affairs in 2005. He joined the State Department after receiving his master’s degree in 2007 and was assigned to Ethiopia.

John Wysham, head of the Ethiopia desk at the State Department, said he was unable to provide details about Adkins’ death or the homicide investigation. A Foreign Service officer also stationed in Africa is planning to accompany Adkins’ body from Ethiopia to the United States, Wysham said. The casket will be transported by military aircraft.

More on Brian Adkins from the GW Hatchet here.

I am grateful that one of our officers is bringing him home. I can’t begin to imagine how his loved ones must be feeling at this time. It is a sad and sorrowful day for the Foreign Service family.

Update 2/6: The Department’s spokesman in response to a taken question has this one posted online:

At this time, we can confirm that an FSO died in Addis Ababa. The death is under investigation by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and we are coordinating closely with the Government of Ethiopia. We will provide details as they become available.

Updated 5/2/09 @ 6:55 pm
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See “Appreciation: A Life Dedicated to Service: Brian Adkins: (1983-2009)”
By Charles Hornbostel │ FS Journal May 2009 │ pp. 41-43

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