Brief as Photos – 17: The Winner

Photo from Wikimedia Commons under
Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

It was her last day at work. She came in at her usual time, had coffee, and avoided answering the phone. She has started cleaning up her desk months ago, perhaps years ago, she could not recall. Yesterday she took all the photo frames and her knick knacks home. On her last day at work, there was really nothing else to do. But they all pretended otherwise, it was her last day at work, after all. She found some paper towels and armed with a can of Pledge proceeded to work on making her oak desk shine. She could not remember the last time she has done that in her long years of working there.

Somebody collected some money and they had pizza for lunch. After the afternoon coffee break, they had cake then they gave her a pin to commemorate her service. They also give her a card signed by all her co-workers including those she barely knew. Then they gave her a nice plaque, an award for something they said she did. There were hugs and goodbyes. They told her to come back and visit often. At quitting time, she was the first one out the door.

She had a big smile when she got on the elevator. The young man already in the car, smiled back.

She said, “It’s my last day at work today.”

The young man said, “Congratulations! You must be happy to sail into retirement.”

“Yes, I am,” she replied. “And I never had to put in a full day of work in 36 years,” she added proudly as she stepped out of the elevator.

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