Quickie: One for the Huh? News

Otto Kreisher of the CongressDaily filed this report on January 6, 2009 about a State official [who says] Obama will step up fight against terrorism:

The State Department’s top counterterrorism official on Tuesday predicted that President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming team would in some ways be more aggressive in fighting terrorism around the world than the Bush administration.

Counterterrorism coordinator Dell Dailey said he did not mean the Obama administration would do more to try to kill terrorists, but would be more aggressive in building partnerships with other nations.

There are counterterrorism efforts in Africa and Asia where “there are no U.S. fingerprints at all,” he said. Ambassador-at-large Dailey apparently had nothing but praise for the Secretary of State-nominee, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., citing a “very savvy presentation” she made several years ago after a visit to Afghanistan and her record in the Senate, according to the same report.

It also adds that “He had no objections to Clinton’s reported plans to name special envoys to oversee certain hot spots, such as the Middle East.