Insider Quote: Iraq is not a real “tour”?

DS is not even taking care of the people coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is not considered a “real” tour because we don’t do “real” RSO work. In short, we are not considered qualified to be RSOs at nice posts.

Where are the senior agents in DS with all the experience running PSD operations? Why aren’t they in Iraq? It is rare to find an agent out here who was hired before 1998. An agent with one year in the High Threat Office in Iraq has more real world experience with regard to PSD operations and terrorist attacks than just about all of senior agents in DS. These senior agents need to understand that if they have to refer to an incident that occurred during the Reagan or Carter administration as an example of their work in a high threat environment, then they need to do a tour in Iraq.

Diplomatic Security Agent #4

– page 96

Should the U.S. Department of State Continue to Use Private Security Contractors to Protect U.S. Diplomats?
June 2008 │140 pages PDF
By Special Agent Derek Dela-Cruz
(Master of Military Art and Science, Fort Leavenworth, KS)

Acronyms demystified:
DS – Diplomatic Security
RSO – Regional Security Officer
PSD – Protective Security Detail