Insider Quote: On Why You Need an Escape Clause

The couples I see with the most success are the ones with an escape clause. Before they even fill out their first form, they sit down and say, “We’ll give it a fair shot for two years, if either of us is unhappy we’ll go home.” Truth is, life as an FS spouse can be stifling. There aren’t a whole lot of outlets or opportunities, just the endless rounds of Embassy life. So don’t enter into a Foreign Service marriage unless you’ve got a commitment that you can go home if you aren’t happy.

Shannon Stamey

Ex-Wife of a U.S. Diplomat
August 29, 2007 │A Cautionary Tale

DS: I think this piece should be required reading for all those contemplating life in the Foreign Service but most especially if you are the accompanying spouse or partner. An escape clause is a wise counsel, please write it down.