Foreign Service Blogger Index

I just published the “Foreign Service Blogger Index,” page currently listing 99 blogs by Foreign Service officers, specialists, family members and a couple by ex-FS members. Most blogs are open and accessible to anyone but a few are restricted to invited readers only (those blogs are marked on the list). The index will be updated regularly and the link to it will be permanently posted in the Foreign Service Blogs in the left hand column of this blog. If I missed your blog please let me know.

I have also moved my collection of Think-Tanks and FS Organizational Resources from the left hand column to a web page accessible here. The link will be permanently listed under Web Links in the left hand column of this blog.

Finally, a new addition to my links – is a collection of Leadership & Organizational Life blogs and resources online and an updated Online News and Magazine collection, both appearing in the left hand column of this blog. I hope this pruning helps you get around here better.

Update: 12/26
AFSA has put together a Foreign Service Blogger Index recently. I have decided to no longer update my blogger index which I have pulled down shortly after Madam le Consul’s The Consul Files was shut down.