Dear DiploPundit Readers — Will You Help Me Keep My Real Job?

This blog has been running regularly since March 2008. It has published more than 3,100 blog posts and served over a million visitors.  Except for a single ad from that’s appended to the current post of the day, this blog has been relatively free of contextual links and ads.  No freebies, cookies, promotions were accepted in the writing of this blog.  The costs of running this blog includes subscription and technical fees, software programs, missed dinners and hours juggled in between a demanding blog life and real life.

Lucky not to have to pay rent, water, or power for the corner office. Would soon need a new laptop because this one is becoming temperamental every day, some mornings it even refuses to wake up. But see, the person I sleep with every night is now rather annoyed. The blog has been like an extra child in the house, except that we did not have to worry it would drive and drink or that it would need help to get into the right college.  Still, he’s been bugging me to pull the blog plug and get a real job.

And here I thought I already have a real job! Sigh!

So for this week (December 3-9, 2012), for seven days out of the entire year, DiploPundit is running our “help fund this blog” campaign.  If everyone of our returning visitors gave $5 (or whatever you think is appropriate), I hope to be able to dodge the bullet and sustain this blog for another year. If DiploPundit is useful to you, if it is perhaps, occasionally funny or entertaining, or pokes you just enough to get your attention on certain things —  help me keep it online (and keep my real job) for another year by donating with credit card or PayPal.

Thank you!

Updated 12/4 – Many, many thanks to all who sent in donations and words of encouragement and affection.  I am writing thank you notes to each one of you but please be patient, I’ll get to you soon.

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23 responses to “Dear DiploPundit Readers — Will You Help Me Keep My Real Job?

  1. whyitallmatters – wow! that is precious. I will, and thanks again.

  2. Oops. Finally read your bio. You’re much more interesting than the usual suspects, so I’d rather donate to you than the NYT! Made small donation. You’ve already thanked me. ;-) Keep on truckin’.

  3. Dan – I think we’ll end the campaign today as previously announced. We’ll think about a longer campaign for next year with your point in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Slice of Mid-Life, thank you for your support.

  5. As a former FSO (and current blogger, who also also sometimes struggles to justify time spent on my blog vs. time spent making money) I have been thrilled to become reacquainted with the life I left behind seventeen years ago, courtesy of your blog. (Other than social media, sounds like not much has changed). Hope you stay in business. And I hope one day to figure out your true identity. Watching the video of Shayla Cram (from your previous post) with my daughter was priceless. I’ve happily contributed $5.

  6. Thanks for your support Dan, much appreciated!

  7. Dan Davenport

    I finally dredged up the 5 bucks!

  8. Thank you, thank you, now you’re making me blush! I’ll think about it Dan, okay and see where we are at the end of the week.

  9. dan davenport

    I just re-read the message up top Domanispero where it says you are only asking for contributions for 1 week. I want to encourage you to extend the time through the holiday season like Juan Cole does every year now. This is a very valuable site for thousands of people who want to know what is going on in the world and they will respond if given time. I’m sure many of them don’t even check in here in a given week but would love to support (the best diplo-blogger!)

  10. Ah you are sweet, you! Xièxiè.

  11. Are you kidding me?! The bloggy world would be a cold, dark, dank, lonely place without you, girlfriend! I hope you get a ton of donations – in addition to my family’s, of course! Because we loves us our Diplopundit. :)

  12. M

    Done! Thanks for all hard work on this blog.

  13. Hey, thanks RC. I hope you’re settling well in your new gig. Take care!

  14. RC

    Donated!!! Thanks for all the great stories and your informed, focus on the FS.

  15. Thanks for the tip, Dan D. I’ll check that out!

  16. Drew – thanks and thanks. But don’t get them to skip the latte, they might get grouchy :-)

  17. Dan Davenport

    Domani: Here is how to perk up your computer real cheap. It didn’t work 1 yr ago but it does now.. esp for viruses and worms. Sign up for a free AOL account (email only) and then get the 4.99/month System Mechanic they offer. It saved both of our computers from $150 trips to the repair guy.

  18. Drew

    Done. $5 for me and another $5 for a cheapskate out there (or an FS-07 OMS who really can’t afford it). To all of my DS colleagues, who I know also read this blog regularly, I know you can afford it. Skip the latte and paypal the funds.

    Domani thanks for the work and always reasonable opinions.

  19. Dan Davenport

    Will do Domani ! (As soon as I get some money on my card.) Keep up the great reporting! Dan

  20. whyitallmmatters – it’s for see you tomorrow, I hope–inspired by one of my readers.

  21. I speak english, french and spanish — not italian. DO tell if “domani spero” is a take on “hoping for tomorrow.” The world waits.

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