US Embassy Montenegro: Winter Emergency Assistance

U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro Sue K. Brown, front left, shakes hands with a U.S. Soldier as she and Montenegrin Minister of Defense Boro Vucinic greet Soldiers with the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade Feb. 19, 2012, in Podgorica, Montenegro.

(U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Edwin M. Bridges/Released)

The soldiers were part of a U.S. task force providing humanitarian assistance at the request of the government of Montenegro after record snowfalls left tens of thousands in the country’s mountainous north cut off and unable to receive food, fuel or medical assistance.

A U.S. Military medical evacuation helicopter and lift helicopter also arrived in Podgorica on Wednesday, February 22 to deliver critical supplies and provide rescue services to those stranded in the areas most heavily hit by the recent snowfall.


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